Clap if you LOVE this WOD

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Position and mid-line stability are two extremely important components to consider in every workout, especially this one. Front squats are a huge demand on the core because the weight sits on the front of the shoulders. Disengaging the core, dropping the elbows or losing activity at the bottom of the squat will all lead to poorly executed lifts. Instead, clean the weight to your shoulders, establish a rock solid rack position, take a deep breath in and control yourself to the bottom only to explode up with the same concentration. Clapping push ups, or push ups in general should be always be completed with your glutes squeezed tight and your core even tighter. Send those elbows back NOT out into the bottom of your push up and rise all in one piece with no break or wiggle from any part of your body. If you’re completing this Rx remember to throw a clap at the top. If not, just make sure the fundamentals are there with a great position and a strong mid line. Lastly, the pull up always begins with a hollow position. Active shoulders pinched down and back with an unbreakable core is a great start. Control your kip back and forth until you can turn those hips over hard enough to pull your chest to the bar. Remember to pull the shoulder blades together at the top and push yourself away to create momentum into the next repetition. This should all be completed with a rigid core. No matter what movement you are on, make sure your starting position is near perfect and your core is locked in and engaged, the rest will follow suite.


4 Rounds
7 Front Squats (155,105)
8 Clapping push-ups
9 Chest to bar Pull-ups

Level 3- (135/95)
Level 2-(115,75)
Level 1- (95,45)