Clap If You Like Muscular Endurance

Big Lou
Big Lou

skin the cat
perform 10 clap push ups betwen each set of ball ups.

Speed Strength
1. Close Grip Bench press with chains 8×3 on the minute or faster at 60% of 1rm plus chains

2. Power Clean & Split Jerk

3. 1 attempt at max muscle ups

8 minute AMRAP
5 Hang Power Cleans
10 Clap Push Ups

Games (185/135)
Regional (155/105)
Open (135/95); 5 clap push ups per round

4. Push up drop set – guys start with 4-15lb plates do as many push ups as possible take a plate away do as many push as possible and so on and so forth until you complete a set of pushups un-weighted.

Ca$H Out – 1 attempt each at…
Max Dead hang pull ups
Max Strict HSPUs
Max Kipping Pull Ups
Max Kipping HSPUs
Rest as much time as necessary in-between each max attempt.