Civilian Military Combine


The Civilian Military Combine lies within the adventure race space that is now exploding globally. Many of you might have done Tough Mudders and Spartan Races or the many other adventure race events popping up all over the country. The CMC was created to be an answer to all these other novelty events by combining both strength and endurance for an ultimate one-­?day challenge. The CMC starts off with a strength element dubbed “THE PIT” where all athletes are faced with a series of judged exercises for time. All weight is scaled for both men and women and all movements are basic movements that all athletes can perform, unless an injury or disability prohibits you in some way. After the PIT is completed, all athletes are then funneled into a 5-­7 mile adventure race obstacle course where you battle the terrain and elements of the CMC event you signed up for.


The MEET UP on Saturday will consist of performing “THE PIT” AMRAP as well as get more information about the race itself.  For more information on the MEET UP click here.

For more on the race itself click here.