Coach’s Corner – Tom Kuchenreuther!

Coach Tom loves a good Partner WOD!

Coach’s Corner – Tom Kuchenreuther!
We’re so excited to feature one of our long time coaches Tom K.! Tom has been an amazing asset to our squad with his level of enthusiasm and caring for The CFS Community. We’re happy to have him in board here. Tom brings his commitment in and outside of the gym. You can often find him at social events as well as helping outside of class when needed. Check out our interview with Tom below and get to know him even more!

Classes you currently coach?
Tuesday’s at 6 and 7pm! I also have personal training sessions Wednesday nights now.

Years as a crossfitter and coach?
Started Crossfit in May 2011. 8 years now. Started coaching at Southie in 2016, 3 years.

Your favorite part of being a crossfit coach?
I’ve learned so much from other great coaches here at CFS, during my CF seminars, and by doing. Being able to share it with others is the best part. I want to help make classes more enjoyable, the workout smoother, and help people improve on at least one thing.

Your Favorite WOD and Movement?
Any Partner style WOD. My favorite Girl named WOD is Diane. favorite movement – Tempo Squats! (Shout out to my ‘Filly’ friends.)

“Diane In The Sand”?

Athletic background
I played Soccer from age 5 through High school. Do E-sports count? I was and am still a ‘gamer’

Small piece of advice for Newbies and/or Veteran athletes
Fitness should be a lifetime journey, find a good balance and stick with it. In Class, push yourself when you feel good but try to live in that 75-80% effort zone to work in most of the time. This way you can keep coming back.

Fun Fact most people don’t know about you
I grew up in New Jersey and had never been to Boston pre-2013! Feels pretty much the same, despite everyone here thinking NJ is the armpit of America.. its not guys. Also, I work in Technology and love all things tech! :nerdemoji:

What you enjoy about the CFS Community
CFS is awesome because we mostly have one common goal with such different backgrounds and lives. But it all works somehow. You meet people you never would otherwise.

Crushing DB Snatches in The 2018 Southie Showdown

Favorite Southie Social Event
Southie Showdown (That counts as ‘social’ right?) – It is such an iconic event in the North East Crossfit world now and its the one time of year besides the open I do any form of competing. I get to push myself, meet new people, see old friends and the environment is always fun and exciting.

Crosfit Level 1 Trainer
Crossfit Level 2 Trainer
Crossfit Aerobic Capacity
AED/CPR Certified
BS Management Information Systems

2 Rounds
:45 on/:15 off
Pull Up Hang*
Prison Burpees to Target
Active Squat Hold

*Complete 1st round in active hollow hang below the bar. Complete 2nd round holding chin above the bar if possible.

Chest Rolling
Lat rolling

Pull-up Practice

150/120 Calorie Row for Time
1 Round of Cindy
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air squats

*The workout starts with 1 round of Cindy

Level 2- 120/90 Calories
Level 1-90/60 Calories
ADV – 2 Rounds of Cindy

Extra Work
2 Rounds
30 KB Goblet Squat (2/1.5)
40 KB Deadlifts (1.5’s/1’s)
Rest 2 minutes between Rounds