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Warm Up
2 Rounds of
In 90s complete
5 Bent Over Rows
5 Eccentric Push Ups 5201*
10 Air Squats for quality
Plank in the remaining time
Rest 30s

*5 seconds down, 2 second active bottom hold, fast up, 1s second at the top

10 T-spine clock rotations on each side

E2MOM10 (5 sets)
3 Strict Press
Followed immediately by Max Effort Push-press or 10 reps, whichever comes first

Equipped WOD
10 Rounds
In 90s Complete
5 Strict Pull-ups
10 Ring Dips
15 Air squats

IN the remaining time AMRAP

Rest 30s

Level 1- 3-6-9 Reps

Score = total sit-ups

At Home Version
10 Rounds
In 90s Complete
5 Bent Over Rows or 10 Kettlebell/Object Swings
10 Bench Dips
15 Air squats


Rest 30s

L1 – 3|5-6-9

Score = total sit-ups

Extra Work/Core Cash Out
4 Rounds
45s work: 15s rest
Flutter kicks
russian twists
Plank – ADV – bird dog plank
Superman hold