Chucky is officially part of the full-time crew

chuck KB toss

We are thrilled to announce that Chucky Diesel will be joining Retta, Tina-mo, Nick, Goosedaddy, and myself as a full-time contributor to the CrossFit Southie team. Make sure you give him a warm welcome.

If you have been coming to CrossFit Southie for 6 months plus consistently, you really shouldn’t be taking the level 1/2 classes. Last Thursday night was a complete mad house in Southie Green. In Southie orange, there were only 6 people! We really don’t want to have to start registering for classes, so if we catch one of you veterans in a crowded L1/L2 class, we will ask you to please wait for the next class next door. We are expanding soon, our neighbors have officially vacated the space, please work with us in keeping classes sizes fair until then.

Tabata Time
20s work:10s restx8
Rest 1 minute after all 8 intervals have been completed
1. Kettlebell swings (1.5,1)
2. Double Unders
3. Sit ups
4. Push ups
5. Goblet Squat

Level 2 (1, .75)
Level 1 (.75, .5)