Chill In The Air


Covid Guidelines Update –  No specific changes will occur regarding the new public mask wearing guidelines while on CFS property.  We were able to continue to operate under the fitness guidelines as we have been since being allowed to work out indoors.  If running off of the property during a WOD/Warm Up, we suggest you wear your mask during that time.  As the weather gets colder and we are indoors more often, we are asking that you remain vigilant and respectful to other members by keeping your mask on at all times outside of your square and/or within 14 feet of others.

Indoors Primarily – Please take note even when it says indoors primarily, warming up outside may make more sense logistically. Please come dressed and prepared for the unknown and unknowable.

Warm Up
20/15 Calorie Bike or 400M Run if Outside


-Seated SA DB Strict Press Each Side
-SA DB Turkish Sit Up Total
-DB Cross Chop Each Side
-DB SA Muscle Clean Each Side

3 Reps

3 Rounds
20|15 Calorie Bike
20 Toes to Bar
20 Single Arm Clean and Jerks 50|35

Level 2- 40|25, 1|0.75, 15|12 calories, 15 Reps
Level 1- 30|15, 0.75|0.5, 12|10 calories, 12 Reps
ADV- 70|50

3 Rounds
400m Run
20 Med Ball V-Ups 14|8
20 Single Arm Clean and Jerks 50|35

Level 2- 40|25, V-Ups No Medball, 15 Reps
Level 1- 30|15, V-Ups No Medball, 12 Reps
ADV- 70|50

Extra Work
20/15 Cal Ski
50 Double Unders
25’ HS Walk

ADV – 100 Dubs, 50ft HS Walk