CFS Dry Tri Today!


CFS Dry Tri
The Dry Tri is HERE! There are no classes otherwise. Open Gym is offered in Southie Orange. If you haven’t registered yet, e-mail [email protected] if you would like to participate and we will try to squeeze you in. Athletes may arrive 20:00 before their assigned heat time to warm-up. If you wish to do extra work after you may reserve an open gym time slot on ZenPlanner.

For Heat times click HERE

Suggested Warm-upย 
1 Round
20 Bandy Side Steps
10 Bandy Squats
10 Bandy Good Mornings
20 Bandy Pull Parts
10 Bandy Good Mornings
20 Bandy Side Steps


4 Rounds of 30 easy 30 hard

  1. Row – build with each set
  2. Repeat with Bike

One time through
250m Row
.3 Bike
10 Burpee Lateral Jumps

Dry Tri RX
3000m Row
3 Mile Bike
100 Burpees

Dry Tri Intermediate
2000m Row
1.5 Mile Bike
50 Burpees

Extra Work
โ€œHeavy Graceโ€
30 Clean & Jerks for Time

L3 – 185|125
L2 – 155|105
L1 – 135|95

*Weight should be something you can perform 3-5 Reps in under a minute consistently. (Work out should not take more than 10:00)