CFS Bootcamp is Open to all Members


CFS Bootcamp!

You may have seen on the website that we have some bootcamp classes starting on June 2nd! We are doing a special offer to get some new faces interested in CFS, but these bootcamp classes will be an option for current members as well. The classes will be at 6:15am in Southie Green on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They will be largely conditioning based, and very doable for all fitness levels. If you have friends or family that have been interested in trying Crossfit, but are not quite sure if they are ready, then this is perfect for them! Below is the special we are running for newcomers:

The CFS Bootcamp is a community-based, high energy, circuit-style conditioning workout without the use of barbells or high skill gymnastics. This program is more challenging than your average bootcamp, but less intense than CrossFit. The primary focus is on conditioning through running, rowing, and calisthenics, along with the use of kettlebells, medicine balls, sleds, tires, and bodyweight movements. This bootcamp is great for weight-loss, extra conditioning, or as a ramp-up into CrossFit classes.

The Details:
Dates: June 2nd- June 27th
Weekdays: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Time: 6:15am
Where: 385 Dorchester Ave, South Boston
Price: $149 ($50 off)*
BONUS Classes:
โ€ข Conditioning Class- Tuesday and Thursday, 7:30am
โ€ข Yoga- Sunday, 10am
โ€ข Mobility- Monday and Wednesday, 7:30pm
*This offer is for 1 month only and applies exclusively to new members and alumni members that have been inactive for 90+ days.

Spots are limited to 25, to sign up click HERE!