Cerebral Athletics

victor cf iceland
“No Days Off” … Victor in Iceland!

Warm Up
20 turkish get ups alternating arms
then accumulate one minute in a hanging l-sit from the pull up bar or rings. modify l-sit as necessary.
then warm up goat 2

Skill (10 minutes)
X Goat 2

Strength= 3 reps
Gymnastics=7-10 reps
Rowing 150-200m or 10-15 cals

Strength (15 minutes)
High Bar Box Squat With Chains
Working on speed out of the bottom

6 minute AMRAP
x handstand push-ups
14 Wallballs

Games-30/20, 10 hspus
Regional- 20/14, 7 hspus
Open- 20/14, 5 hspus

Rest 7 minutes

4 minute AMRAP
8 Kettlebell swings
8 Ring dips

Games (108,70)
Regional (88,63)
Open (70,1.5)