Catch High – Catch Low

We miss you Ashley!
We miss you Ashley!

There will be no Yoga today as Tamara is in Miami for advanced Yoga training.

Attention Paleo Challengers! The challenge is officially one week in! Don’t forget to log your daily food intake and points each day. If you haven’t updated  your benchmark workout scores, you can simply record them via your member login as well.  Also, if you haven’t paid your $20 buy in yet, please stop by the front desk the next time you are at the gym to settle up. Last time around, the Paleo Challenge w inner won $500 … make sure you pay into the prize pot! All money goes back to the winners. We’ve got an awesome support system on our Paleo Challenge Facebook page so be sure to post questions, comments, and concerns. Only 5 weeks to go!

1 Power Clean
1 Squat Clean

3 Rounds
10 Hang Power Cleans (155,105)
10 Ring Dips
10 Hang Squat Cleans
10 Pull-ups

Level 3- (135,95)
Level 2- (115,75)
Level 1- (95,65)

At Home WOD
10 Rounds
10 Jumping Squats
10 Hollow Rocks