Bye Bye Coach Ali

Picture by Greg Cain

Yes it’s true. Ali is moving to Colorado on Monday. Ali has been a a valued trainer here at Southie, and an admirable athlete. We will miss her dearly and wish her the best. Please join us this Saturday the 7th at Local 149 at 8:30pm to send her off with some non-paleo beverages.

4 years ago....

Ali, Jackie and I all met in grad school in 2007. We became friends fast, then roommates, and now fellow CrossFitters. I could not be more happy that they fell in love with CrossFit the way I did. Ali was the most devout gym-going individual that I had ever met, it’s really cool to see her put all that energy towards CrossFit. I can’t thank them both enough for being there for us from opening day until now, it’s been amazing.

Please post any farewell comments that you have for Ali to comments.