Burpee Dry Tri Registration



CFS Second Annual Burpee Dry Tri!!
Beat the winter blues and join us for our Second Annual CrossFit Southie style Burpee Dry Tri Event!
Date: Saturday 2/19
Divisions: RX & Scaled
Cost: $25.00 for Non-Members.
Free for members!
Registration link can be found HERE

There will be a heat every 20 Minutes starting at 7:00am. There will be 9 participants per heat. 18 participants will be working at once as heats overlap. Your heat will be welcomed into the warm-up section of the gym 20 minutes before your heat. Please do not plan to warm-up prior to that window. Once you register you’ll be able to choose a time slot. This event is for the purpose of FUN and to get you moving. If you are entering to win a trip to Florida, you will be sorely disappointed. However, we do plan to have to have some prizes for top finishers!

2:00 Bike, Ski, or Run
2 Rounds
30s On|10s Off
-Ring Support Hold
-Scap Pull Ups
-Muscle Up Transitions
-Hang Muscle Clean
-Front Squats
-Strict Press

Muscle-Up Accessory – Banded Ring Hollow Pull-Overs
This drill will reinforce the push down of the rings that’s needed in the muscle-up as well as build strength in the core and lats. If you’re working towards muscle-ups and/or would like to be more efficient with them give this accessory work a shot. For anyone that has the “chicken wing” muscle-up this is a great drill for you! Try 3 sets of 5-8 Banded Ring Hollow Pull Overs. Rest as needed between sets.

Squat Clean Reps (hands stay on the bar/touch and go)
1. 8 Reps
2. 7 Reps
3. 6 Reps
4. 5 Reps
5. 4 Reps
6. 3 Reps
*Climb in weight as able

21 Hang Power Cleans 135|95
21 Ring Dips
15 Front Squats
15 Strict Pull-ups
9 Shoulder to Overhead
9 Muscle Ups

Muscle-Up Scaling Option – 9 Strict Pull-ups +9 Dips
Level 2- 115|75

Level 1- 95|55
ADV- 155|105, Strict Muscle-ups

Extra Work
3 Rounds
400m Air Runner**
50ft Handstand Walk*
30 GHD Sit Ups

*Scale to 25ft, 3 Wall Climbs or 50ft Overhead KB Carry 1.5|1’s

**Can sub 500m Row/Ski or .7 mile bike

ADV – 5 Rounds, Down and back over obstacle