Bring on the FAT + At Home WOD

Dragon Flags for Days
Dragon Flags for Days

There will be no Open Gym at 1pm and 2pm today.  All other classes will run as scheduled including 8am Open Gym will run as scheduled.  Yoga is back too!  Meet Tamara in Southie Orange at 10am.

Feeling a little rundown?  The first week or so of Paleo can be a shock to the system.  The issue is that our bodies are used to using carbohydrates as our main energy system and now we are on a low carb diet.  Where are we supposed to get our energy from? FATS!!!  I know it goes against everything that has been ingrained in our head over the years but fats can be healthy for you. If you are feeling sluggish, try doubling your total fat intake for the day and see how you feel.  Continue to add in fat, up to 5x your normal daily amount.  Remember fat does not have a hormonal effect so increasing it will keep your hormones in check while helping to fuel your workouts.  Some great fats to consume include nuts (excluding peanuts), nut butters, avocados, bacon, olive oil and coconut oil. Medium Chain Triglycerides in Coconut Oil, also found in supplement form, are broken down much easier than other fats and can be a quick fix early in the day to help fuel your workouts and burn body fat.  Also, around workout times makes sure to increase your dense Paleo carbohydrate intake.  Eat dense Paleo foods such as sweet potatoes and fruit and eat until you can’t eat anymore.

Strict Press
-Between sets complete 20 ab-mat sit-ups

Calories on the Rower
Ring Dips

L2/L1 – 1/2 the ring dips

At Home WOD
Lunge Jumps (each leg)