Now Carrying CBD Beam


We are now carrying a salve and oil by Beam, a Boston based CBD company, founded by one of our very own members, Kevin Moran.
Beam is a 100% THC-Free, pharmaceutical-grade, CBD Oil. Our mission is to help you keep doing what you love by supporting your active lifestyle.

Not all CBD is equal
We’ve cracked the code on bringing an organic, vegan, non GMO, full spectrum oil to the market. We manage the entire process from seed to oil, using a proprietary method to COMPLETELY extract the THC from our products — resulting in the purest CBD on the market.

No THC, just TLC
Our products will change the way you recover, manage stress, reduce inflammation, and enhance your day to day grind in your WOD and workplace.

Both products  contain 500mg of CBD.  The oil is in stock and can be picked up for $65.  The Salve is also in stock and can be purchased for $55.

Dynamic Warm Up (7 mins)

Hamstring/Adductor Rolling on the Box

Odd- 3 Deadlifts @80%
Even- 3 DB Weighted Step Ups (each Side)

15 Minute AMRAP
10 Toes to Bar
10 Box Jump
10 Alternating SA Snatch (50,35)

Level 2- (40,25)
Level 1- (30,15)

Coaches Note:

1. On the snatches, practice transfering the db on the way down and using the touch and go method.
2. Minimizes the points throughout a round where you take rest breaks. Ex quick transition from toes 2 bar to box jump to snatch and only allow yourself a quick break each round to re-chalk before hitting t2b

Extra Work
3 Rounds of
30/25 Cal Ski
50ft HS walk

ADV – 100ft


  • Trevor

    12/07/2018 @ 7:55 pm

    Sq Cleans
    2×3 @155
    2×3 @175
    4×2 @195
    5×1 @205

    Push Press
    5×2 @155

    “Rage Against the Machines”
    100cal ski (6:32)
    100cal ass bike (8:56)
    100cal row (6:13)
    100cal air runner (7:26)
    100cal erg bike (6:31)


    Goal was to not redline and keep a steady pace through each of the 5 machines with no breaks.

  • Sean Flannery

    12/07/2018 @ 3:45 pm

    Strength: 330#, 77#
    WOD: 9+24 Rx
    Extra: done (1.30 for each ski)

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