CrossFit Open/Teams/Judging

Paul - KB Swingin'
Paul – KB Swingin’

Just to recap on last weeks post…The Open is the first round of the Reebok CrossFit Games in which anyone in the world can throw their hat in the ring and compete.  CrossFit HQ will post one workout per week for five weeks.  Every Wednesday, from March 6 to April 3, an Open workout is released and each week on Thursdays, we will be completing the CrossFit Open WODs during class times with a partner (judge).   We will also be hosting the Open WODs on either Saturday or Sunday mornings each week.  This will be a more formal, competitive type atmosphere, with designated heat times that you’ll have to sign up for, but will be open to Southie and unaffiliated athletes only.  Scores will be validated by those you work out along side of day in and day out, so it’s very Un-intimidating.  We will be doing these workouts again in a years time so it is a great way to measure progress down the line and also to identify weaknesses.  If you have any questions about the Opens, talk to your coaches.  Registration is really easy and only costs $20.  Again, whether you decide to register or not, we are all going to be doing these WODs in class on Thursdays. Click here to register and don’t forget to choose CrossFit Southie as your affiliate on the right side of the page!

More on Signing Up/Teams
Last year we had 2 teams in the Open.  Team 1 finished 2nd in Regionals and made it to the Games!  Team 2 just tied for the last qualifying spot for Regionals but unfortunately lost the tiebreaker.   Fast forward a year later, there is no doubt in my mind we are going to be the first box in the NorthEast to qualify 2 teams for Regionals.  That is, if everyone signs up and contributes to the teams scores.

What do I mean, you say?  Let me elaborate…

Each week, during the opens.  The teams ranking is decided by the top 3 individual male and female scores of members of the team. At this point in the game, there are only a handful of peeps that can possibly make team 1 and for that reason we are only allowing tryouts for team 1 by invitation.  Why?  Because for those that are not going to make team 1, we want you to contribute to team2’s scores each week and potentially make that team.  What’s that?  You don’t want to compete outside of the box at Regionals?  That’s okay, we want you to sign up and help out team2 anyway.   If you crush the Open WOD in week 3, your score can contribute to team2’s score and help catapult them to Regionals even if you have no intention of competing at Regionals yourself.

If you have already signed up we will set up team2 in a few days so you can join the team.  We will keep you posted.  If you are still on the fence about signing up we will be doing an Open format during Thursday classes 2 weeks prior to the Open so you can get a feel for how the competition works and how to judge.

Judging Exam
Also, there is an excellent online judging course put out by CrossFit HQ that can be found here.   Individuals are not required to take the course to be a judge during the opens but is highly recommended on our end as it covers the in’s and out’s of judging.  It is also helpful as an athlete to know what is expected of you and it makes our jobs as coaches easier when you calmly accept our no reps as you are aware of what you are doing wrong (we actually are not A-holes, we just have standards).  If you have any desire to compete at a higher level, PLEASE take the exam.  We are actually making this course mandatory for all of our coaching staff and our Team A participants.

That’s all for now just over 20 days before the Opens kick off.  Get excited!

Hand Balancing

4 Rounds
7 Handstand push-ups
14 Alternating Pistols
21 Kettlebell swings (1.5,1)
28 Box Jumps (stand up on the box)

Level 2- (1,.75)
Level 1- 10,10,15,20- Hand release push-ups (.75,.5)