Borrowed Time

Summer Sandbag Runs

Outdoor Fitness at CFS – Register through the ZenPlanner App. Zoom WOD @ 12pm and 5pm today. Check our Class Schedule for all upcoming times. Follow the link in our bio to join—->

We are suspending Thursday-Sunday Zoom WODs moving forward. We plan to continuing to running Zoom classes Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday at Noon & 5pm.

Warm Up
1 min on 15s off
Row (legs only)
Push Ups – up & over the KB
Row – (lean and arms only)
KB reaching lunge
Row – (everything)
Weighted sit up to reach

With the mini bands complete:
½ Tabata for each (20s work:10s rest) with a Static Hold during the 10s “Rest” period.
30s rest between each exercise

1. Glute Bridge
2. Clam shell right
3. Clam Shell Left
4. Arnold press*
5. Marching Glute Bridge**

*for the static portion – hold the top of the press while pulling the arms apart
** at the top of the bridge alternating one foot off the ground. During the static hold for added difficulty challenge yourself to a single leg hold.

For 20 Minutes
0-6 Minutes Row For Calories

At 6:00 Complete
KB Lunges 1.5|1

In any remaining time AMRAP Calories on the Rower.

Score = Total Cals + total reps + total cals
ex – 100 cals + 360 + 10 cals = 470

No rower – sub 2x 1 min tuck jumps, 1 min mountain climbers, 1 min burps.

Level 2 – 1|0.75, 30-25-15 Push-ups
Level 1 – 0.75|0.5, ½ all reps
ADV – V-Ups, 2|1.5

Extra Work
Body Weight Power Clean
Strict HSPUs