Bike Rack


MLK DAY – Pop Up Class at 9am Today. No Zoom Class Tonight

Check our Class Schedule for all upcoming Pop Up and Zoom times.  Click the Zoom link to join

6:00 AMRAP
30 Hollow Rocks
25 Plank Ups
20 BB Front Rack Luges
15 Single Leg V-ups
10 BB Lateral Lunges
5 BB Squat Mornings

Quad Stretch
Calf Stretch

E2MOM 12
Back Squat 5 Reps – 2 Second Pause at the bottom

12|10 Calorie Assault/Rogue Bike*
10 Front Rack Lunges
12 Toes to Bar

*Schwinn = 18/15

Pop-up WOD
200m Sandbag Run
10 Front Rack Lunges 115|75
12 Single Leg V-ups

ADV – V-Ups

Extra Work
120s Double Unders
120s Plank Ups
90s Double Unders
90s Plank Ups
60s Double Unders
60s Plank Ups
30s Double Unders
30s Plank Ups

*No transition time between exercise, hustle between stations.  Feel free to sub in the Rower or Bike for the Jump Rope.