Nutrition Challenge Results & Benchmark WOD “Kelly”

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Nutrition Challenge Results
Less strict than in the past, this 30-day nutrition challenge was really focused on creating sustainable healthy habits. These things included walking and mobilizing outside the gym, consistent exercise (and rest), drinking enough water, eating balanced meals (carbs, protein, healthy fats and veggies), limiting added sugar and alcohol, getting at least 7 hours of sleep, limiting electronics, and fueling recovery properly. We truly believe that all of these things help create the foundation to leading a happy, healthy and balanced life. We hope everyone who participated learned new things that they will continue to apply to their lives.

Male Winner: Adam Riegel
Prize: $180

Adam tends to live life in the “fast lane”, juggling work, family, travel, friends, and his own fitness and health goals. He remained pretty dedicated to his goal to lose weight and improve his performance in the gym by focusing on the things that were within his control. These things included getting in as many steps as he could, making time to workout, watching his portions and eating balanced, making healthy choices while dining out, getting enough water, and crushing sleep. Despite remaining focused on his goals, he still was able to enjoy celebratory times without going overboard. Over the course of 30 days, he lost 14.5 lbs (6.25%), including 3.5 inches from his waist, and 5.1% body fat. He also added 20 lbs to his 1RM front squat, 8 pull-ups (for a total of 48 unbroken pull-ups!!), and shaved 38 seconds off his mile time! He is proof that consistency really is key. Nice job Adam, we hope you continue to apply these healthy habits to your every day life!

Female Winner: Janina Campbell
Prize: $180

Janina also remained really focused on creating healthy, sustainable habits to help her navigate being a new mom while remaining committed to her own health and wellbeing. Throughout the challenge, she was able to stick to her daily steps goal, get to the gym 4x every week, drink plenty of water, and get at least 7 hours of sleep most nights. She also made fueling her body a priority by eating balanced meals and trying to limit added sugar and processed foods as much as possible. Over the course of the challenge, she lost 5.4 lbs (3.7%), including 3 inches from her waist, and 2.3% body fat. She saw many improvements in the gym, including adding 5 lbs to her 1RM front squat, got faster on her mile time by 41 seconds, and completed 10 kipping pull-ups unbroken! Nice work Janina, you set the bar for all the other new moms out there!

Now that the challenge is over, we hope that you continue to eat healthy and incorporate the things you learned. Remember, the goal is to make eating healthier a lifestyle that works for you and your goals. If you need additional nutrition advice on where to go from here now that the challenge is over, or you are looking to improve your diet, feel free to reach out to Michelle for more info on her nutrition offerings ([email protected]).

Run 200m w/ Medball
20 Medball Hug Step Ups
Run 200m – No Medball
10 Wallballs
Run 200m w/ Medball

Calf Rolling
IT Band Rolling and Stretching

WOD (35 Min Hard Cap)
5 Rounds
400m Run
30 Box Jumps
30 Wallballs

Level 3- 4 Rounds
Level 2- 4 Rounds, 20 Reps of Each
Level 1- 4 Rounds, 200m Run, 15 Reps

Scores/Comments from 8/21/18

Extra Work
2 Rounds
30s L-sit*
30 GHD sit-ups
30 Toes to Bar
30s L-Sit
Rest 3 minutes

*use rings for L-sit where possible