Benchmark Thursday: “Karen” & Spring Classic 5K Sunday

Karli + Kristen = Besties!
Karli + Kristin = Besties!

 The Spring Classic 5K is this Sunday!  There is still time to sign up and run with your fellow Southie members.  Prior to the race make sure to come by the CrossFit Southie tent #13 at 64 Sidney St. to drop off your belongings and meet up with the rest of the team.  Remember to wear your Southie swag and represent the box!

When: 9:30 AM, Sunday, April 27th
Where: 350 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge 02139
Cost: $35 with promo code
Registration: Make sure to join team “CrossFit Southie” and use promo code “crossfitsouthie” when signing up to get a $5 discount. Register Here.

There will be no Open Gym on Sunday from 1-3pm.  There will be Open Gym at 8am and general classes at 9,10,11 & 12 as well as Yoga at at 10am.  The gym will close at noon.

Also, Custom Fit Meals will be hosting a free nutrition lecture on eating healthy and eating for performance next Tuesday 4/29 in Southie Green at 7pm.

Here is some more info  on what will be discussed during the seminar from Custom Fit Meals…

Diet is paramount to optimizing human performance.  A quality nutritional plan will amplify and accelerate the benefits of the CrossFit regimen.  Consequently, neglecting nutrition will likely hinder your results and can lead to an array of other preventable health issues.  Is your nutritional plan optimized for the results you are seeking?

 ·         How Our Bodies Are Designed To Eat

  • A Review of How and Why We Get Fat in the First Place
  • Why Traditional Dieting Attempts Fail
  • How Our Metabolism Really Works – Law of Metabolic Compensation
  • Basic Understanding of the 3 Fuel Sources: Fats, Carbs & Protein
  • Why All Calories Aren’t Created Equal
  • Hormone Havoc – How Your Hormones May Be Making you fat
  • A Strategy for Resetting your Hormonal Response to Food

·         Which Diet Is Right For You: Paleo, Primal, Zone

  • How to Eat for Performance
  • Importance of Food Quality and Food Sourcing
  • The Role that Exercise Plays in Fat Loss

·         Putting It All Together – Where to Go From Here 

150 Wallballs for Time

With a partner
800m Run
600m Run
400m Run
200m Run

-One partner works while the other partner rests.

Thursday Conditioning WOD
8 x 300M Shuttle Sprint (300 to 200 to 400 to 200 to 300)
Rest :90s

3 Rounds
20 KB Russian Twists
20 KB Sit Ups