Benchmark: 12 Days of Crossfit Southie


We will be running a reduced schedule this week due to the holiday. Please see below for schedule updates:
Tuesday 12/23: Normal Schedule. Oly class will meet in Southie Green at 7pm
Wednesday 12/24: Classes in Southie Green only; 5:30am, 6:30am, 7:30am, 9am, 11am, 12pm
Thursday 12/25: Closed… Merry Christmas!
Friday 12/26: Classes in Southie Green only; 11am, 12pm, Open Gym 1-3pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm
Saturday 12/27: Classes in Southie Green only; 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm Intro Class, 1pm Oly Class, 2pm & 3pm


Two of our dedicated CFS members, Cara Patten and Meg Struckel will be performing in the DanceWorks Boston Project at the Boston Conservatory in January.
Tickets still remain for their Thursday night performance on the 8th (their other three shows have already sold out!) The show is a mix of contemporary, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, and tap pieces choreographed by members of the company (including pieces choreographed by both Cara and Meg!)


“12 Days of CrossFit Southie

1 Thruster in a Burpee (115, 80)
2 Turkish Get ups (1.5/1; one for each arm)
3 Front Squats (115,80)
4 Clean and Jerks (115,80)
6 SDHP (115,80)
7 Clapping Pushups
8 Knee To Elbows
9 Kipping Pullups
10 Lords of Leaping (24,20)
11 Overhead Squats (115,80)
12 HSPU’s

Level 2 (95,65); (1/.75)
Level 1 (65, 35); (.75/.5)

For each day. you complete the # of reps and work your way down the list, just like the song. After completing the Thruster in a Burpee proceed to the next day. For example on day 5 you would do 5 kb swings, 4 clean and jerks, 3 front squats, 2 turkish get ups and a thruster in a burpee and then proceed on to day 6. This is a tough wod, we can substitute and scale to make it doable for everyone.

12 Days of Crossfit Southie 12/20/13
12 Days of Crossfit Southie 12/19/12

Conditioning Class: WOD
10 x 250m Row
Rest 1 minute after each. Record all splits.

Conditioning Class: Core
2 Rounds
25 Hollow Rocks
20 AbMat Situps
15 Supermans
10 Bridges per leg