Benchmark #1 – “Fran”

Kyle- Max Cals Like WOAH
Kyle- Max Cals Like WOAH

Are you tired of having sore wrists on OHS day, tearing up your hands on the pull up bar, or searching for the perfect jump rope for double under WODs? We’ve got the perfect solution for you! Now available behind the desk are some of Again Faster’s athlete essentials: hand grips, wrist wraps, and a few jump rope options!  Pick your sup today and be sure to put your name on them!

Hand Grips – $22


These leather grips are the perfect thing to protect your hands during high-rep pull up or TTB workouts. No more painful tears and gross calluses, and no more having to mummify your hands with tons of athletic tape! Be forewarned, they may take a few workouts to break in and get used to, but after that, you’ll be wondering how you survived without them for so long. Available in sizes XS-L.

Wrist Wraps – $20

wrist wraps

If you find yourself taping your wrists any time you go overhead (or if you don’t, but your wrists bother you on those days), these may be for you. These secure with velcro so they are easy to slip on before a WOD. They provide a little extra stability and help protect your precious wrists. One size fits all.

Ultra Speed Rope – $14

ultra speed rope

These ropes probably look pretty familiar to many of you… they’re hanging up all over the walls in Southie! This is a great rope for someone still working on perfecting their double unders, but ready to make the transition to a speed rope. This rope is 100% adjustable, so you can pick your own perfect length.

Revolution Rope – $26

revolution rope

Stringing your double unders together no problem, but now looking to go even faster? This rope will help! The Revolution Rope has rotating ball bearings in each handle, which allows for faster, smoother rotations with each flick of your wrist. The length of the cable is also totally customizable!

Revolution Rope X – $30

revolution rope x

Double under pro and looking for the fastest rope possible? This is it! The Revolution Rope X has the same handles as the Revolution Rope, but also has a slightly stiffer cable. This helps the rope keep shape and pick up speed with each rotation, giving you a competitive double under (or triple under!) edge. The only downside to this rope is that it does not come with a rubber coating, meaning it can’t be used out doors… and can leave behind some pretty nasty whiplash marks when you miss!

Stop by the desk to pick up some new toys and then get to work!

WOD – Paleo Challenge BenchMark 1
Thrusters (95,65)

Level 2 (75,55)
Level 1 (65,35)

Setting Up on the Members Site to Log Food during the Paleo Challenge

In order to participate in the Paleo Challenge, you will be required to enter your food logs in the member site.  If you do not yet have a member login, here is a simple guide on how to set one up through the CFS site.  The access code required is 02127.