Be Nice. Take Turns


CrossFit Open Starts this week!

Just a friendly reminder that participating in the Open is a requirement of the competitor program.  If you haven’t signed up yet, click HERE to do so.

We will not have seperate BT classes on Fridays.  In the spirit of the community, all toasties will complete the Open WOD in one of the general classes on Friday.

If you are unable to make it on Friday or you would like to retest before the Monday deadline, please do your best to find a judge other than a coach.  If you are going out for Regionals or the team you must be judged by someone who has completed the judging course.

Don’t forget to tune in HERE tonight at 8pm to see the first workout announced live. What’s it gonna be?!

2 Rounds
1 minute each
Back Squat
Burpees for Max Height
Close Grip OHS
Strict Toes to Bar

1. Overhead Squat From Floor
2. Back Squat with Chains

*Between sets complete 5 strict hspus. Add deficit if able

WOD (15 minutes)
Burpees to Target
Overhead Squat (115,75)
Toes to Bar

Open/Masters- (95,65)

Rest no more than 15 minutes
50 Cals for time on AD
Take turns