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In-Body Scan Returns – Saturday, February 23rd
Are you looking to get a quick, accurate and affordable body fat reading? Want to measure your nutrition challenge results the best way possible? We are excited to have our friends from Mountain Strength CrossFit bringing the InBody 270 to CrossFit Southie on Saturday, February 23rd! This is open to EVERYONE, not just nutrition challenge participants.

You must book and pay for your appointment ahead of time. Schedule early to make sure you get the time you want! The cost of the scan is $25 and will give you lots of great information on your body composition. Other scans of this level require you to get in a bathing suit and get dunked in water or go to a medical facility to be scanned (and can be almost 3x the price!). This is a great option to get an accurate scan with clothes on, not wet, and get a super value!

Click here to schedule your appointment!
Note: It is best to have the scan done BEFORE working out, and ~2 hours after eating or drinking. Try to schedule accordingly! Scheduling and payment is done directly through MSCF. CFS coaches will be unable to change your appointment slots or issue refunds. Please be sure to sign up for a time that youโ€™re sure you can attend and be on time for!

In 3 Minutes
250m Row
40 Double Unders
AMRAP Burpees

-10 Bicycle Abs
-10 hollow rocks
-5 Jackknives

*should have 15-20 seconds of rest. If it is creeping up too fast cut down the reps

Every 3 minutes for 30 Minutes
250m Row
40 Double Unders
10 Burpees

*there should be ideally be 30-45 seconds rest after each round to rest and get back to the rower. If you go to the end of the 3 minutes, take the next 3 minutes off.

Level 2- 20 double unders/80 singles, 7 Burpees
Level 1- 200m Row, 40 singles

Run Sub = 200m

Extra Work
For time:
60 T2B
60 GHD
12 Rope Climbs


  • Ryan Gould

    02/21/2019 @ 2:25 am

    WOD; all rounds โœ… Rx

  • Trevor

    02/21/2019 @ 1:05 am

    Pre Class
    Power Cleans

    WOD: done rx

  • Crowley

    02/20/2019 @ 1:46 pm

    wod: all rounds rx

  • Sean Flannery

    02/20/2019 @ 8:59 am

    WOD: Done Rx

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