City of Presidents 5K in Memory of Emily Zarnoch

Muscle Up = Pull Up, Transition Dip


Gwen & Emily

City of Presidents 5K Run/Walk in Quincy, MA: Sunday September 30th
In August of 2015, Gwen & John Zarnoch (both longtime members of the CFS community) and their family suffered an unimaginable loss. Their daughter, Emily, was killed in a tragic accident at the young age of 23. Emily was a school teacher in the Quincy Public School system. She was passionate about education and she loved running. She came to CFS with her mom for a while, and we were lucky to have her here.

The City of Quincy and the Quincy School department are dedicating their fifth annual road race, the City of Presidents 5K, to Emily. This is very fitting as it combines her love of education and learning. Emily actually ran on the race route very frequently while out on her runs. It’s a flat, fast course that runs along the beach. There will be a cookout and lots of fun activities following the face at Adams Field following the race.

We’d love to see a large CrossFit Southie contingency at the race to support Gwen & John and to honor Emily. Please click HERE to register, and post to comments if you plan to participate! We hope to see many of you there. If you would like to carpool post to comments to coordinate.

Partner Up!
P1- 1 Mile Bike or 700m Ski
5 Barbell Rollouts
10 Strict Press
15 Good Mornings


Optional Superset
-10 Alternating Pistols after each set

9 Minute AMRAP
21 Deadlifts (135,95)
9 Thrusters

Level 3 (115,75)
Level 2 (95,55)
Level 1 (75,35)

With a partner
3 Mile Bike of 2k Ski for time

Coaches Note: Yes, the deadlifts are meant to be very light and the thrusters are meant to be very heavy. Base your load choice off the thruster rather than the deadlift

Check out some pistol progressions for those of you performing today’s optional superset

Extra Work
3:00 Clock
200M Run then AMRAP Strict Deficit HSPU
1:00 Rest
3:00 Clock
200M Run then AMRAP
Kipping Deficit HSPU
1:00 Rest
3:00 Clock
200M Run then AMRAP
Strict No Deficit
1:00 Rest
3:00 Clock
200M Run Then AMRAP
Kipping No Deficit


  • Jen Merinder

    09/07/2018 @ 9:50 pm

    PP: #155
    WOD 1: 5+6 Rx
    WOD 2: 7:58 for 2K ski with JenPen
    Extra: 10/16/12/18 with 2″ deficit

  • Sean Flannery

    09/07/2018 @ 8:50 pm

    Strength: up to 225#
    WOD: 4+1
    WOD 2: 1k (500mx2) rest 1:1
    1:49, 2:00
    Extra: 9,17,12,25 (4″ def)

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