Ballers On Bikes


Classes are held in Southie Orange today. There is a CrossFit Level 1 Cert in Southie Green.

There will be no Open Gym at 5pm today. Open Gym before 8am and after 5pm will be held in the Southie Green Toaster. Open gym at all other times will be held in Orange.

Class takes preference and please be respectful. Thank you for your cooperation.

Warm Up
1:00 Work/:10 Rest & Rotate
-Bike – 75-80%
-Med Ball Front Squat w/Press Out
-Bike – 80-90%
-Muscle Snatch*
-Bike – 90-100%
-Shoulder Activators

*Rotate Through Positions – High Hang, Mid Hang, Floor

Lat rolling
Lat Stretching

Power Snatch
3 Reps

75|60 Calorie Bike
75 Wall Balls

E2MOM- 5 Strict Pull-ups

Schwinn Bike = 105|90
Row = 90|70 cals
Air Runner =

Level 2 – 75|50
Level 1 – 65|35

Extra Work – Active Recovery
8 Rounds
Run 400m
Ski 400m

Coaches Note: This should take 30 minutes-ish. Short on Time? – cut down the rounds