Author: Andrea

Be You

Each one of us has a unique body, mind, interests, talents, and personality that distinguish us from every other person on the universe. These differences are what make us want to be around each other. Aren’t you curious about the person standing next to you? Learning about their background, experiences, and views? I know that […]

From Pat

Saturday August 2nd…what can I say about that day? Finding the right words is tricky, but the first thing I want to say is thank you. A special thank you to Goose, Ames and the Southie community, and an additional thank you to the 40+ other gyms that participated in the workout, helped to raise […]

Get Outside!

Paleo Challengers! A common obstacle you may encounter is the inability to satisfy your sweet tooth. Here’s a video link that walks you through the process of making paleo chocolate. It’s very simple to follow and the results are amazing. Keep it in the freezer and indulge whenever you feel the craving. Enjoy! Sun and […]