Author: Alec

Ring Work

Columbus Day Schedule – We will be running a reduced schedule classes will be held at 530,630,730,  9, 11 & 12, 4,5,6 & 7pm. Mobility Class will be also cancelled. I am sometimes asked by CFS members if I can recommend a good pre-workout snack they can eat before coming to the gym. I think […]

Grease the Groove

Custom Fit Meals will be hosting a FREE nutrition lecture on eating healthy and eating for performance TONIGHT in Southie Green tonight at 7pm.  Come on by! Have you signed up for the In-House Throwdown yet? What are you waiting for?! We’ve got a fun Saturday planned for you with 3 WODs, beers and a […]

About that Salad Dressing…

Now that we are in the midst of a paleo challenge hopefully lots of folks are trying to clean up their diet and incorporate more nutrient dense and healthy foods into their diet. One thing that people often try to do is add more vegetables, including salads, into their meals. While some “paleo skeptics” or […]

Going, Going, GONE – It all Started with a Handful of Chips…

*Paleo Challenge Lecture 7pm Tuesday in Southie Green!* Here is a great article by Rob Wolf.  It really hits home for me and I’m sure lots of other folks at Southie too. I can relate to the tortilla chips part especially- those things are like crack for me, once I start eating them I can’t […]