August Side Piece Winners & September Fat Bar Pull-Up Challenge – CFS


CFS Announcement: Schedule Update
Labor Day Schedule
All Levels Classes at 9AM & 10AM on Monday.
*There will be no bootcamp on Monday morning. All bootcampers are welcome to join in the general CrossFit classes at 9 or 10AM!

  • Dr Miguel will not be here today and instead will be available next Saturday at the box for Chiropractic work.
  • There will be NO Endurance Class tomorrow – will resume on 9/10

Side Piece Challenge
Our August Challenge featured The Farmer’s Carry.
400M KB Farmer’s Carry (70#/53#) *Anytime the Kettlebells are placed down you must perform 6 burpees on the spot
Congratulations to our Challenge Winners!
Male Winner: Goose 3:20RX
Female Winner: Alice Rocchi 3:35RX

Scroll to the bottom to see the full leader-board for August

September Side Piece Challenge
Our September challenge features The Fat Pull-Up Bar located in the toaster!

2:00 AMRAP Fat Bar Pull Ups.
You must use an overhand grip, mixed grip and chin-up grips are not permitted. You may come off the bar as many times as you want and kipping is allowed. Your score is total pull ups. Take 2:00 out ofย  your day to try something new and challenge yourself! Record your best effort on the leaderboard located in the toaster. Good Luck!
ADV- Chest To Bar
RX- Chin Over Bar
Scaled- Jumping Pull Ups

:40 on/:20 rest and rotate
1. Assault Bike
2. Wallballs
3. Sit Ups
4. Burpee Step Ups
5. Ski Erg or Rower

3 Rounds
100m Farmerโ€™s Carry
Max Effort Ring Dips

Level 1- Push-ups
*Use a band to modify these. No knee push ups.

Coaches Tip
Athletes should be able to get at least 7 dips each round. If athletes are using the band over the top of the pull up structure, be sure to safety get into/out of the band. Whole body and arms should go through the band.
On the Farmers Carry, the weights should be heavy enough where at some point you have to put them down.

4 Rounds
1 Minute Work:20s Rest and Rotate
1. Assault Bike
2. Wallballs
3. Sit-ups
4. Burpee Box Jumps
5. Ski Erg or Rower

Score= Total Reps


  • Jason Barrow

    09/02/2017 @ 4:34 pm

    WOD: 397 Rx

  • Trevor

    09/02/2017 @ 2:39 pm

    402 Rx

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