Congratulations, Shamrockers!

Feb 19th, 2014

Category: CrossFit

Congratulations, Shamrockers!

Congratulations Shamrockers!

Congratulations Shamrockers!

Big congratulations to the first responders teams for their participation in the First Responders Challenge! We had THREE amazing teams compete this year. Not only did they game plan, communicate and work hard, they upheld movement standards and cheered on their fellow competition every chance they got. These are the people that serve your community…give them a big thanks next time you see them!

Missing your favorite WOD gear? The days are closing in! On Friday we will be cleaning out the lost and found and donating it to those in need. Please take a look through the bins and claim your items or someone else will be rockin’ that lucky t-shirt of yours.

We’ve also still got some boxes for sale! If you’ve been looking for something to add to your arsenal for home WODs, these boxes are the perfect thing. You can do so much more with them than just classic box jumps (think incline push ups, shoulder taps, etc.)… and when it’s not being used, it could make quite an interesting end table in your living room! Boxes are available for $25, cash only. Stop by the front desk to grab yours before they’re gone. First come, first serve!

Weighted Pistol

5 Rounds
500m Row
12 Alternating Pistols
15 Pull-ups

Level 2 10 Pull-ups
Level 1 4 Rounds, 10 pull-ups

DISCUSSION 10 Comments

  1. Joel 02/20/2014 at 1:03 pm

    WOD: 24.13 -used the ring for pistols

  2. Kelly 02/19/2014 at 2:36 pm

    Studs! Congrats to a classy bunch of superheros.
    Some weighted pistols at 1 pood
    WOD: 20:33 Rx

  3. Shamweezus 02/19/2014 at 1:51 pm

    Great work, Shamrockers! Melberg…can we get a smile, bro?

  4. Arik Pogrebinsky 02/19/2014 at 1:39 pm

    Weighted Pistols: 1.5 Pood
    WOD: Rx – 17:48
    $OUT: 5 – 10 – 15 – 20 – 25 Strict OH Dumbbell press 15#

  5. Rob Hassell 02/19/2014 at 1:36 pm

    19:50 Rx – thanks to all of the first responders.

  6. Kara 02/19/2014 at 1:20 pm

    Great job First Responders!!

  7. Jason 02/19/2014 at 12:35 pm

    Congrats to the 3 teams who competed!
    Weighted pistol ladder up to 1.5 pood done, got too heavy
    WOD:18:29 Rx (goals were to keep each row under 2:00 and all sets of pull ups unbroken..done and done)
    Cashout: hollow holds and plank holds

  8. Marc Piccuirro 02/19/2014 at 12:30 pm

    Congrats to the winners and all shamrocker team members!
    Weighted pistol ladder, done
    WOD: 15:51
    Cashout: 5×10 of GHD sit-ups and 1 pood (each arm) strict press. Still working on overhead strength

  9. Kristin 02/19/2014 at 1:20 am

    A big thanks to Coach Beretta for helping us all out throughout the competition. He was able to work around our always changing schedules and make sure he or another coach (thanks Nick and Chuck) was there to judge the workouts. His guidance and help strategizing the WODs was invaluable, especially for a few of us first time competitors.

    Great job to all of the teams! It was a lot of fun and I’m already looking forward to next year.

  10. goose 02/19/2014 at 1:08 am

    There is no better group I would want on my side when sh!t goes down. Congrats to the THREE CFS teams who participated.