An interesting comparison

Dan the man Lanigan sent Goose and I an email with this awesome comparison of a conventional gym to his experience at a CrossFit Box. Daniel has only been coming to CrossFit Southie since right before Thanksgiving. His lifestyle up to this point has not exactly coincided with the fitness world; he owns multiple bars/restaurants and is constantly traveling. I feel really proud that Daniel is truly embracing the CrossFit culture and not just sticking around to please his beautiful and athletically gifted fiance Sarah Piccoli (aka Borg).

Keep up all your hard work Daniel, you are going to have your employees turning heads left and right.

Amy + Moose,

I’ve been telling friends about Xfit. This list above is the gist of what I tell them.

Why going to a Globo gym sucks

You feel weird when someone talks to you.
There is no support.
There is no instruction.
You should not make eye contact with anyone.
You will fall into a routine.
There is no comeradery.
There is no competition.
No one else cares if you don’t show up.
You will get pissed at your self when you suck at something.
There is no timer.
There is no one else to push you.
There is no one else to hold yourself accountable.
Who will help you learn how to eat?
You will do exercises that won’t help during your Life.
You will get bored.
You will stop going.
You will start going again.
You will stop going.

Why going to Crossfit Rules

You will like it when someone talks to you.
You will get more support than you know what to do with.
You will get instruction that will make you realize you don’t know how to be fit, and you will like it.
You’ll make eye contact with everyone.
You will never fall into a routine.
You will have more friends, a lot more.
You will work out harder because the person next to you is working out harder than yo
You will feel guilty if you don’t show up. Sometimes guilt is good.

You won’t mind when you suck at things, because you see everyone around you getting better.
You will embrace the clock.
Everyone around you will push you. And you will push you.
You will feel accountable to your workout friends, and to yourself.
You will learn how to eat.
You will be better at every physical thing you do in your life (including doing it).
You will not get bored.
You will not quit.
You will not stop going.

Crossfit is not a gym, it’s a way of life.

Rope climbs

5 mins Rowing (calories)
4 mins Sit Ups
3 mins HR Push Ups
2 mins Swings (1.5, 1)
1 minute of Burpees