Cassie – KB Windmill

Bring a Friend Day: TOMORROW (Thursday 4/19) during all classes!
Do you have a friend, family member, or significant other who hears you talk about CrossFit all of the time and wants to give it a try themselves? Bring a Friend Day is your chance to bring them in to CrossFit Southie for a WOD and show them what it is all about! You’ll partner with your buddy for the workout, cheer them on, and show them what CrossFit is all about! No prior experience with CrossFit is necessary and no advanced registration required. Please just be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes early prior to your class to fill out a waiver. We can’t wait to meet your friends! Our next Bring a Friend Day will be this Thursday, April 19 during all classes.

Bring a Friend Day Referral Bonus
If your friend signs up within two weeks of the Bring a Friend Day class, you will each earn a $25 referral bonus! Your friend will receive $25 off of their first monthly membership payment, and you’ll receive $25 off of your next monthly membership payment.* Just make sure your friend mentions your name at time of sign up.
*This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts.

In 90 Seconds
Run 200m
AMRAP Kettlebell Swings
Rest :30 seconds

In 90 Seconds
100m Sandbag Run
AMRAP Strict Toes to Bar
Rest :30 seconds

In 90 Seconds
100’ Farmers Carry
AMRAP Jump Rope

Butts and Guts
Tabata 1
Glute Bridges
Hold the top of the glute bridge for the 10s “rest”
Use band resistance around the knees

Rest 1 Minute

Tabata 2
Ab-mat sit-ups
Hold a plank during the “rest”

2 Rounds
In 3 Minutes complete
400m Run
Then AMRAP Kettlbell Swings (2,1.5)

Rest 1 Minute

In 3 Minutes complete
300m Sandbag Run (4,3)
Then AMRAP Toes to Bar

Rest 1 Minute

In 3 Minutes complete
200m Farmers Carry (2,1.5)
Then AMRAP Double Unders

-Sandbags start at the door, kettle bells are kept at your work station.

Level 2 – (1.5,1)
Level 1 – (1,0.75), Single unders, sit-ups

Extra Work
300ft Handstand Walk
*Scale to 200ft, 100ft or 50ft as necessary. no handstand walks? – 50 shoulder taps for time.


  • Brian Campbell

    04/19/2018 @ 10:27 am

    Extra: 6:22 Rx

  • Ryan Gould

    04/19/2018 @ 12:31 am


    DB snatch (50#): 47
    T2B: 41
    Dubs; 64

    Fell apart on the last farmers carry

  • Trevor

    04/19/2018 @ 12:08 am

    Pre class deficit deadlift
    5×3 @ 305

    26 swings
    64 t2b
    63 dubs


  • Sean Flannery

    04/18/2018 @ 2:53 pm

    KBS: 53
    TTB: 40 (w/ 45# sandbag)
    DU: 124 (w/ single 2 pood kb)
    Extra: 3:46, 50 wall face shoulder taps

  • Ben

    04/18/2018 @ 1:29 pm

    KB Swing: 48
    TTB: 45
    DU: 89

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