CFS 2nd Annual Burpee Dry Tri!


CFS Second Annual Burpee Dry Tri!!
Beat the winter blues and join us for our Second Annual CrossFit Southie style Burpee Dry Tri Event!
Date: Saturday 2/19
Divisions: RX & Scaled
Cost: $25.00 for Non-Members.
Free for members!
Registration link can be found HERE

There will be a heat every 20 Minutes starting at 7:00am. There will be 9 participants per heat. 18 participants will be working at once as heats overlap. Your heat will be welcomed into the warm-up section of the gym 20 minutes before your heat. Please do not plan to warm-up prior to that window. Once you register youโ€™ll be able to choose a time slot. This event is for the purpose of FUN and to get you moving. If you are entering to win a trip to Florida, you will be sorely disappointed. However, we do plan to have to have some prizes for top finishers!

5 Cal Bike – Arms Only
10 Banded Bird Dogs
10 Banded Good Mornings
10 Banded Strict Press

5 Cal Bike – Legs Only
10 SL Glute Bridge
10 BB SL Deadlifts
10 BB Strict Press

10 Cal Bike Legs + Arms
10 BB Glute Bridges
10 BB Deadlifts
10 BB Push Press

Quad Rolling and Couch Stretch

Hollow Rock Challenge
20 Hollow Rocks

3 Reps

E3MOM 15
10 Deadlifts 225|155
15|10 Calorie Bike
15 Box Jump Overs

*Schwinn Bike Cals – 22|15

Level 2 โ€“ 185|125
Level 1 โ€“ 135|95
ADV – 275|175

-Report all times

Extra Work
400M Air Runner
1:00 Sandbag Hold* 140|90
7|4 Ring Muscle-Ups**

*Accumulate 1 Minute – can be broken up

**Muscle-ups should take 1:30 – 2:00 Max. Scale number or use ring thing.

Scale RMUP to bar muscle ups or 2x chest to bar