“My Crossfit story…

I never thought, I would EVER be involved with anything remotely associated with sports… Why should I have? I was born and raised in France, was a smoker and really did not have any body image issues.  After living in the US for a few years, I realized that I had probably reached the pinnacle of inactivity and that my French genes were finally rebelling.  Mon Dieux!, It was time for an intervention.  I had to quit smoking, revamp my eating habits and exercise.  I personally struggled with the last part of this well known equation.  I knew, I was too intimidated by the “big” machines at the Gym and would not join a club. I although was aware of my need for some “Exercise 101 Class”. I was concerned, being a complete novice in this “new world”, about injuring myself.

The solution came through Chris in the form of personal training.  After patiently teaching me the proper techniques, scaling exercises to my rather “debutante” level and encouraging me session after session, our team perseverance finally paid off. I started not only feeling better and more energetic but also realized that I had grown physically and mentally stronger. Apparently these changes did not go unnoticed as my husband decided to follow my footsteps. Seeing him join Crossfit was the best reward and compliment I could personally get. We now happily Crossfit twice a week and work trough each new challenging session offer by Chris and Amy, TOGETHER!!”

-Laurence Shah