“I just wanted to send a big ‘thanks’ out to you. Every workout with y’all feels more and more like ‘home’. You get us ready, warmed up, with skill-based strengthening, and kick-butt cardio-vascular death marches; I appreciate it. You have constructed a space where we all come to forget our outside stresses and collaborate together, jokingly competing against each other to better ourselves. As I return after a couple days off (with the lame excuse of too much work), I realize how important it is to commit to the program, not just for exercise, but complete peace of mind, so that I can be more present for myself, and for those who need my focus and dedication. On a personal level, I have students who have really tough situations, and a sister-in-law who is very slowly awakening from a three week car accident-induced coma. Coming here reminds me how lucky I am to have the ability to sweat (oddly enough, we need to remind ourselves of that), to push myself, the luxury to ‘hit the gym’, and I thank you for that. Most importantly, as I kick my own butt, I actually feel like a stronger teacher all around, and a better support system for my husband’s family. I am really grateful for you guys and the Crossfit Southie team, in general. Have a good one. See you tomorrow.”
-Jason Dionne