Hey Goose,

I’m just a few months away from my 1 year anniversary at Crossfit  Southie and I’ll be the first to attest that I may not attend as often  as most.  Twice per week is about as much as my schedule allows.  Trust  me, I would go daily if I could and when I do go, I try my best to give  it my ‘all’.

In my own effort to compensate (in part) for my absence, I wear my  Crossfit Southie wrist band on my stethoscope.  Every time I exam a  patient I think of where I’d like to be.  It motivates me to practice in  my profession like I’m doing a WOD (thankfully WODs are not 12 hour  days!).  Reading posts over the last year I realize that Crossfit  infiltrating into other aspect of my life isn’t unique.  It seems more  like a common link that most, if not all, relate to.

It’s a great thing.  My family (except for my oldest son) is sick and  tired of my yammering about Crossfit.  I’d say, a small price to pay for  my health and happiness.  I owe it all to you, the coaches and the  amazing crossfit southie community.  Ab Pectore!

-David Neumeyer