Caitlin Weiler

Megan Cincotta (aka Meg C)

Amy & Goose,

It has only been a few weeks now that I have not entered one of the Southie boxes for a WOD. Saying I miss my second home terribly is an understatement, it’s practically killing me! I cannot thank you both enough for your dedication, support and motivation that has make me a better athlete. The environment you provide at Southie is like no other. As I Crossfitted Cross country I was able to experience almost a dozen of different boxes throughout the country, but not one of them could compare to what you both have created here. Crossfit Southie is complied of an amazing community of trainers and athletes who strive to help each other to reach their fitness goals and push the limits on what we think we can and cannot do. When I reflect back to a year ago when I first stepped foot in the Southie Orange Box I was a completely different athlete. I have become stronger and more confident in my lifts and continue to strut through PR city! The techniques and skills I’ve learned from you now help me train others. You have both helped support me through many different competitions which I appreciate so very much. Southie as a whole exudes a positive, competitive energy that has helped me reach many of my personal fitness goals and become part of a unique community. You are both an inspiration to me in so many ways and I cannot thank you both enough!

See you soon!

Caitlin Weiler