“Gooseman…Ams…Thank you very much my friends. I am a business/marketing man and when I buy into something its cause it kicks ass and I make sure everyone and there brotha knows about it!

Just want to let you know that you guys are wickedddd f’in awesome. Your hard work, dedication and passion towards fitness, crossfit and life shows every day! I am truly grateful to be part of Crossfit Southie with you guys at the helm. As you might know I was a former Villanova football athlete(if you couldn’t tell I went there ha). For the last 2 years l had lost motivation and desire to workout.  Being part of crossfit southie has allowed me to take back control of my life both physically and mentally. In my short time as a crossfitter I have learned that it is more than just a gym. It’s a way of life with a great community of people.  I look forward to doing the best I can as a caveman and seeing dramatic results as I continue to improve! I will leave you with my theme for 2011.

“Look Good Feel Good Play Good 2011”….Cause when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good you play good!

See you at 6:30! Finga hugs! Boooooooom!”  – Boyson

“My Crossfit story…