My fellow actuary Sean was at the intro class today and told me it went really well.  He said once he moves to Southie he will most likely join (August or so)

More importantly:  Being the nerd that I am, I spend a good deal of time on an actuarial forum talking about mostly non actuarial things; namely fitness and Crossfit.  I log all my workouts there and the majority of people are generally impressed with the results.  I’ve managed to convince a few people to try it, and they too have started logging their results and have showed great improvement.  While I praise CrossFit every chance I get I always caveat its effectiveness with one variable: quality of coaching.

Most of the bozos that knock our workouts constantly point to the degeneration of form that occurs as a result of fatigue.  While I generally agree, good coaches will enforce proper form during the workout.  Here is what Sean said in the forum after the intro class:

[I went to Ricky’s box today and did the intro class. I really enjoyed it. I was there about 30 minutes early and watched some people finish up their WOD. Saw some bad forms on cleans, but the coach went over there and corrected it. Really surprised after seeing all the videos John Doe posts.

I would really like to join, but right now it’s too far away and too expensive. Hoping when my lease runs up in summer I can move closer (and cheaper) and join. Until then, I’m probably going to focus on strength building.]

Ricky = Me, John Doe = Bozo

This made my day.

Alexander (Arik) Pogrebinsky