Testimonials & Members of the Month
  • “For the first time in my life I feel like I’m part of not only one of the best teams, but also the best families I will ever have a pleasure of knowing, loving, and growing with. ”

    Calli Stoll

CrossFit is all about Community. What continues to impress me so much about CrossFit is that no matter which box you go to it is comprised of genuine, hard working people. People who stay with you and cheer you on until the very last rep. People who help you clean up your barbell. People who hold you accountable and reach out to you to find out what’s going on when you don’t make it to class. It’s these people that keep us coming back for more, that keep us fighting to the last second of each WOD and the reason why we are better outside of the gym walls. It’s because of the community, I am proud to call myself a CrossFitter. – Goose

Members of the Month & Testimonials

  • Marc Piccuirro

  • George Vallone

  • Matt Whalen

  • Mel Stec

  • John McCarthy

  • Jenna Lamy & Mike Brown

  • Darin Bibeau

  • Meg Cincotta

  • Jason Dionne

  • Amy Cleary

  • Ben Hoogheem

  • Calli Stoll

  • Dr. Sarah

  • Lauren Petrigala

  • Marcella

  • Emily Hedgepeth

  • Brian Boyson

  • Laurence Shah

  • Arik

  • Dr. Dave


Mike McGuire

Brad Blake

Heather Wojcik

James Saunders

Thomas Patterson

Joel Carpenter

Mel Martinous

Mike Quigley

The Driscolls

Bonnie Dirr



Nicole Dholakia

Amy Cleary

Brian Schurko

Jeff Sullivan

Ben Hoogheem and Josh Okolita

Andrea Cooke

Lissa Rudnick

Julie Arthur