Intern/Coach Jill

CrossFit Southie Intern

☘️Coach’s Corner☘️

Please join us in welcoming our newest addition to the Southie Squad… Jill Caruso!! She’ll be our newest CrossFit Southie intern, and we’re so excited to have her!

Jill is currently a senior in the Applied Exercise Science program at Springfield College. Throughout her time at Springfield, she has worked with clients of all levels, ranging from high level athletes to special populations, such as those dealing with diabetes, obesity, CHF, metabolic conditions, and pre and post-surgery.

She has been a part of the CrossFit community for 5 years and is committed to and passionate about promoting functional fitness and improving all members’ way of life.

📚Education/ Experience:
CrossFit Level 1
B.S Applied Exercise Science (expected May 2020).
☘️I’ve been a CrossFitter for 5 years and a certified coach for 6 months.
☘️my favorite part about being a CrossFit coach is seeing the workout and community from a different perspective.
I love being able to watch the athletes grow in this sport and community, as well as when they Pr or do great in a workout they come right to you. If they do bad they come right to you as well, and that feeling is something in coaching that is very special that you don’t get with just being an athlete in the sport.
☘️My favorite workout is filthy fifty, and my favorite movement the deadlift.
☘️I grew up playing softball, soccer and basketball, but as I got into late middle school years I became serious with softball.
🥎I played competitive since I was young and got the opportunity traveled the country playing softball. I played softball up until second semester of my freshman year at Springfield College, as well as played rugby from freshman year to junior year.
☘️my advice for newbies as well at veterans is to always trust the journey. When you come into CrossFit, it can be very overwhelming, but trust the fact that you will learn and you will get better. Trust your coach to modify things for you and that they know what is best for you and safest, and trust yourself that you can do so much more than you think you are capable of.
☘️fun fact: Ive been avid snowboarder for over 10 years and I used to be a competitive snowboarder in high school


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