Coach Sarah Radford

Coach’s Corner – Coach Sarah Radford

Coach Sarah Radford

Hey Everyone! We’re pleased to introduce our newest coach – Coach Sarah Radford. Sarah will be helping out on Tuesday mornings in Southie Orange and is excited to get to work…More from Sarah including our Coaches Corner

As a current communications student in my fourth year at Northeastern University (one more semester left WOOO), I have come to realize that the typical 9-5 office job is definitely not for me. I started CrossFit about a year and a half ago while interning at Reebok in product marketing. I walked into that first class thinking I was just trying to advance my corporate career by networking and meeting other employees but walked out addicted – to the lifestyle, the community, and that lying-on-your-back-thinking-you’re-about-to-die feeling you get post-WOD.

That hour every morning became the best part of my day. It became an outlet for my stress, a place for me to improve with no judgment from others, and a space for me to achieve athletic accomplishments I never thought possible. I came to realize that I wanted to become more involved in this community by coaching and becoming that person that helps change someone’s life – I want to help make that hour CrossFit class the best part of their day as well. I want to help people realize that they are capable of so much more than they think – whether it’s doing their first official WOD, getting their first strict pull up, or PRing a lift.

Experience/years as a Crossfitter?

I’ve been doing CrossFit for about a year and a half, and got my CF L1 over the summer
Athletic Background
I trained seriously in dance for about 10 years

Classes you currently coach?

I will be coaching the 6 & 7am classes on Tuesdays 🙂

Your Favorite WOD and Movement?

Favorite WOD – Filthy Fifty, or really any chipper
Favorite movements – Anything with burpees or rope climbs

Your Least Favorite WOD and Movement

Least favorite movement – Running or Wallballs
Least favorite WOD – Helen

Any advice for Newbies and/or Veterans?

Newbies: Try not to compare yourself to others and never, ever feel bad about scaling! Everybody starts somewhere; you’re not expected to come into this sport a perfect athlete. That’s the fun of CrossFit! You ALWAYS have something to work on. Even the best athletes have weaknesses, and it’s easy to focus on these and our flaws. But focus on what you can do and celebrate your wins!

Fun fact most people don’t know about you

I thought I wanted to be a producer and tried working on a tv set but couldn’t hang with the crew working from 10am to 4am. Ya girl likes to sleep.

What do you enjoy most about the CrossFit community?

Fitness with friends is always so fun – and whenever you walk into a CrossFit box, you’re around friends. Yes, it’s cheesy as hell, but it’s true. Your community and coaches know you as an athlete – they know when to push you and when to hold back. And I am personally really competitive so working out side by side with others pushing themselves gives me that competitive edge to push me to the intensity that I should always be striving for.


Interested in taking one of Sarah’s classes?

Check out the schedule for CrossFit Southie here or drop on in!