Coach Sarah Radford

Coach Sarah


  • CrossFit Level 1 Certification
  • CrossFit Level 2 Certification
  • Crossfit Specialty Course: Gymnastics

As one chapter comes to an end, a new one begins. This has been a long time coming and we couldn’t be more excited to finally welcome the addition of Sarah Radford to our head coaching staff!

Sarah showed up out of nowhere at CFS one 530am morning about a year ago. I remember initially thinking to myself..hmmm that girl moves really well. We’ve never had many 22 year old regulars in our 530am class, but we would soon come to find out that Sarah is not like most 22 year olds.

I quickly found out Sarah had expressed interest in coaching and decided to chat her up. Her eyes immediately lit up and I could easily hear and see how passionate she was about becoming a coach. Much like many of the other great coaches at CFS over the years, it was evident right away that Sarah would eventually come to play a strong role in the CFS team.

Up until that point, Sarah had been attending Northeastern University and was fortunate to be introduced to CrossFit through an internship at Reebok where she was coached by some of the best CF headquarters trainers around. At the conclusion of her time at Reebok, Sarah had been an active member of the CrossFit Medfield community. In her final year of classes at NE and upon hearing good things about the CFS community, she decided to join in hope that a coaching opportunity would become available at some point.

As we were able to get Sarah involved in classes, she quickly become a favorite coach to many athletes at CFS. Sarah’s personality is welcoming, encouraging, outgoing and infectious.

While Sarah works very hard on her own fitness goals and improving her weaknesses, she has never taken herself too seriously and her dedication to her athletes has always been first and foremost.

Sarah’s favorite activities include nerding out on exercise, spending all of her free time at the box working out, socialWODing and petting the various CFS community dogs. As a team member, she has been extremely coachable and a sponge to everything we have taught her. She is excited at the opportunity to learn “all the things” and has always jumped at any chance to help out in any way possible.

We’re pumped to have Sarah around all the time and look forward to having her represent the CFS community in a much larger role as there is no doubt she is ready for it. Please welcome Sarah with Open arms and be prepared to give her everything you have in classes!


Below is more from Sarah’s Coaches Corner from when she first came on as a part time coach in 2019 (with a few updates ๐Ÿ™‚ )…

Just about a year ago I stepped through the front door of Southie Green with a nervous excitement in my stomach. The sun wasnโ€™t even up, yet there was a huge mass of people gathered near the rig excitedly chatting before class. And it was so strange. Suddenly I felt comfortable; the nerves disappeared and it was the strangest feeling… I felt home. And it has truly remained this way ever since. Iโ€™m home.

The time I can spend within the walls (or currently in the parking lot of) CFS are truly the best hours of my day. When I workout itโ€™s an outlet for my stress, a place for me to improve with no judgment from others, and a space for me to achieve athletic accomplishments I never thought possible. And when I coach itโ€™s my opportunity to help create that same environment for someone else. I want to play a role in making the time others spend here at CFS the best hours of their day. I want to help people realize that they are capable of so much more than they think โ€“ whether itโ€™s doing their first official WOD, getting their first strict pull up, or PRing a lift.

Experience/years as a Crossfitter?

Iโ€™ve been doing CrossFit for almost three years now, and coaching for about one of those ๐Ÿ™‚

Athletic Background

I trained seriously in dance for about 10 years

Your Favorite WOD and Movement?

Favorite WOD โ€“ Filthy Fifty, or really any chipper

Favorite movements โ€“ Anything with burpees or rope climbs

Your Least Favorite WOD and Movement

Least favorite movement โ€“ Running or Wallballs

Least favorite WOD โ€“ Helen

Any advice for Newbies and/or Veterans?

Newbies: Try not to compare yourself to others and never, ever feel bad about scaling! Everybody starts somewhere; youโ€™re not expected to come into this sport a perfect athlete. Thatโ€™s the fun of CrossFit! You ALWAYS have something to work on. Even the best athletes have weaknesses, and itโ€™s easy to focus on these and our flaws. But focus on what you can do and celebrate your wins!

Fun fact most people donโ€™t know about you

I thought I wanted to be a producer and tried working on a tv set but couldnโ€™t hang with the crew working from 10am to 4am. Ya girl likes to sleep.

What do you enjoy most about the CrossFit community?

I get to fitness with my friends, and anyone I work out with is instantly considered a friend! We build each other up, cheer each other on, and are there for each other always