Coach Pat Bishop

Patrick Bishop


Patrick Bishop AKA “Bish” grew up in East Bridgewater Massachusetts.  He grew up a multiple sport athlete involved in ice hockey, football and track. Bish has a BS in movement science from Westfield State University with a concentration in sports medicine and health-fitness. After undergrad he moved on to refine his knowledge at the Hoffman Heart Institute at St. Frances medical center. Bish now works in Cardiology as a cardiac sonographer. He was introduced to CrossFit from our very own Coach Berretta and hasn’t looked back since. Bish has years of experience coaching and training young athletes as well as helping the general population reach their fitness goals.


CrossFit level 1, CrossFit Movement and Mobility (Sep 2014) / B.S Movement Science / Registered Cardiac Sonographer / ACSM Health Fitness Specialist

Favorite or Best Crossfit Movement: Muscle upsWords of encouragement to new CrossFitters: Every day is about being healthier than you were yesterday.

Where did you grow up? East Bridgewater, Ma· How long have you been Crossfitting? June of 2011

· If you had to pick one word to sum up your life, what would that word be? Organized

· What would your ideal WOD include? A heavy barbell movement mixed with a body weight movement and obviously built in rest

· What are you most passionate about in life? My family and friends, my health and my career

· What is your favorite thing about Crossfit Southie? The community. The smiling faces, pats on the back and high fives always have you coming back for more.

· What goal are you hoping to accomplish in the near future? I hope to get stronger, faster and healthier every day and help other people do the same because health is wealth.