Coach Mike “Brownie” Brown


Ring MUP

Crossfit is something that has been a staple in Mike’s life since he walked through the doors of Southie in February 2013. From the first count of “3-2-1-GO”, it has been something he has become truly passionate about. He feels it is a privilege to transition his interest in CrossFit from a hobby, over to something where he can truly help other members become better versions of themselves. Mike is looking forward to coaching those that are new to CrossFit, as well as those looking to make that jump to the next level.

He grew up in South Florida and graduated from Bryant University with a degree in Accounting. He attained his Crossfit Level-1 Certificate in August 2015 and successfully completed the CrossFit Southie Intern Program in the Fall of 2015.

Coach’s Corner with Brownie!
Brownie has been a member of CFS since 2013 and a coach since 2015! He is a big part of our community in and outside of the gym. He often helps out behind the scenes, setting up our scoring for the Internal Throwdown, The Internal Open Team competition and the spreadsheets for our nutrition challenges! Brownie is also the first to lend a hand especially with The Southie Showdown being a Head Judge for the past two years.

Check out his interview below!

Your favorite part of being a crossfit coach?
The face on athletes when I give them a cue/tip/advice to help with a movement/workout and they have that ahh hah moment like, “holy crap that actually worked.”.

Your Favorite Crossfit Movement?
Butterfly Chest to Bar (aka Butter Fly Chedds).

Athletic background
I played ice hockey at The Gunnery (prep school) and then at Bryant University on the club team

Any advice for Newbies and/or Veteran athletes?
Consistency is everything. Get in a routine. You will make friends, have fun, and eventually going to the gym will be like 2nd nature.

Fun Fact most people don’t know about you
I am 50% Cuban and while I am currently an Accountant, I am looking to become an airline pilot within the next couple of years

Favorite Southie Social Event?
Summer Bar Crawl. Easy. Next Question?!

What do you enjoy about the CFS Community?
Great people. I have made lifelong friends here