Coach Michelle Boutet

Michelle ropesMichelle Boutet

Born and raised in Maine, Michelle spent most of her childhood playing outdoors, dancing, doing gymnastics, and running around the soccer field and basketball court. Coming from such an active childhood, she knew that sitting at a desk all day was not her ultimate destiny. So she packed her bags and quit her corporate 9-5 job, and moved to Boston to chase her real passions: health and fitness. Fast forward five years later to the present and she finally gets to combine her love for nutrition with her passion for fitness by working as a Registered Dietitian/Sports Nutritionist and most recently, CrossFit coach. She hopes to teach as many people as possible how to properly fuel and move their bodies, not just for performance, but for life.
CrossFit came into her life over three years ago, when a wrong turn landed her directly in front of a box. She was hooked before she even picked up a barbell. Besides improving strength gainz, the best thing about CrossFit is the amazing people she has met, many of whom have become her best friends. Her main goal as a coach is to make everyone feel like the coolest kid on the planet every time they walk into the gym, whether it is for the first, tenth, or hundredth time.

michelle paddleboardFavorite things:
Handstand pushups, butterflies, sprints, clean and jerks, and bicep curls

Advice for newbies:
CrossFit is a very challenging sport and there will always be things to work on. She advises people to pick one thing each month to get better at, and focus on that one thing.
Early in her CrossFit career, someone wise told her, “If you don’t feel silly doing something, you’re probably doing it wrong.” Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, be last in a WOD, push yourself a little, or look silly. CrossFit teaches people to step outside of their comfort zones; that is where the magic happens. But most importantly, do not forget to have FUN! Oh, and follow your dreams.

Education and Certifications
BA Communication, University of New Hampshire
MS Dietetics, Simmons College
Certified Sports Nutritionist, Simmons College
Registered Dietitian, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
CrossFit Level 1
Certified Personal Trainer, American College of Sports Medicine