Coach Meg Murphy

Coach’s Corner – Coach Meg Murphy

Coach Meg Murphy performing a thruster

Let’s get to know our coaches!! Each month we’re featuring one of our awesome leaders! Next Up……Coach Meg Murphy!!!!! Meg has been a long time member of The CFS community. She recently went through our intern program and her knowledge and passion for Crossfit shined through. We are happy to have her here on staff! Read on for more about Meg!

Years as a crossfitter and coach:

Crossfitter = 6 Coach = 4

Your favorite part of being a CrossFit coach?

My favorite part about being a coach is that I get to help members have a better day than when they came in. If you had bad week, work was brutal, I hopefully can help improve your day. I also like getting everyone to their goal and making you have the best class ever!

Your Favorite WOD and Movement?

Favorite WODs are definitely any of the Hero WODs……I know I might be crazy


I like snatches, handstand push ups and pulls ups (all kinds haha)

Tell is more about your athletic background:

I’ve played soccer, rugby and hockey. Rugby has been my mainstay, I’ve been playing competitively on and off for the past 12 years.
Coach Meg Murhpy getting fit with rugby

Any piece of advice for Newbies and/or Veteran athletes?

PATIENCE! The idea is to arrive at your goal in one piece. Some times your goal is to nail a movement or a weight on a lift but it might take some time to reach. For me CrossFit is all about longevity I want to keep at it. I’ve had some personal ups and downs due to surgeries etc, and it can be tough to keep going….stay motivated. But don’t give up……..if you have to scale, then scale but keep showing up….it’ll come together.

Fun Fact most people don’t know about you?

I can actually sing, like for real. I’ve sang in choirs and was a back up singer for a Jerry Garcia Tribute band. But I do not like karaoke because I get absolutely petrified to sing in front of the crowds. Its weird I know.

What do you enjoy about the CFS Community?

Where to start! I love that its this great mixture of friendship and competition.

We all show up to class, get our butts kicked and then we start the social WOD right after the class. Rarely do I see anyone running right out of the gym after class. Also our community is full of amazing people!

Favorite Southie Social Event?:

Back in the day it was the Scavenger Hunt that was fun! But really any social event is great in my book…..


Interested in taking one of Meg’s classes?

Check out the schedule for CrossFit Southie here or drop on in!