Coach Matt Martinez

Coaches Corner – Coach Matt Martinez

Coach Matt Martinez

Coach Matt Martinez at the Southie Showdown


Matt Martinez Bio:

Coach Matt Martinez was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. He was a full time student athlete competing in a variety of sports (football, wrestling, track, baseball). Matt went to school for his BS in Rehabilitative Science followed by his Doctorate of Physical Therapy. He currently works in an inpatient hospital where he has the opportunity to rehab and educate individuals on returning back to their daily lives.

From Matt:

I joined CF in 2015 because one of my classmates was a coach at a gym nearby. I was a little skeptical initially from all the rumors that revolve around CF and what it meant to be a “crossfitter”. Being competitive by nature and always looking for ways to self improve, I was hooked.

The feeling of walking into a brand new place and having everyone around you cheering you on and encouraging you to be the best you is impossible to describe. It’s truly an amazing feeling and makes you want to keep coming back. That is honestly why I come day in and day out. I want to be apart of that community for the next new person. The person who is skeptical and nervous, unsure of the expectations because of rumors. I want to be apart of their experience and being a coach is just icing on the cake.Coach Matt Martinez at the Southie Showdown

Coach Matt Martinez kicking ass a handstand

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