Coach Dale Kearney

Dale Kearney


After graduating college in 2011, Dale needed something that would challenge him both mentally and physically. Something that would push him to be better than he was yesterday, everyday. In the summer of 2012 Dale found that challenge….. Crossfit. Dale learned at a young age that to be successful at anything you can’t just be talented. Many people have talent. But It’s the ones who combine that talent with hard work and determination that breed success. To find such a positive community at Crossfit Southie that always wants to work hard and better themselves inspires Dale on a daily basis. Being able to push his mind and body past it’s limits of exhaustion that he didn’t think possible and being able to share those experiences with others on a daily basis is like no other. Dale looks forward to helping out members of Crossfit Southie achieve their goals and push new limits and is thankful to be part of such a great community.


Coaches Corner with Dale…

Coach’s Corner!
Each month we’re featuring one on our amazing leaders! Next Up….Dale Kearney!

Years as a crossfitter and coach?
I have been doing CrossFit for 6.5 years. I started back in 2012 when I didn’t know what a burpee was. I have been coaching CrossFit over 5 years and started back in 2013.

What is your favorite part of being a crossfit coach?
Narrowing down my favorite part of being a CrossFit Coach is really hard because CrossFit has given me so much that I am thankful for. If I had to pick my absolute favorite part about being a CrossFit coach it would be something that most of us Coaches would agree on and that is the community. I get to meet so many smart and talented individuals on a daily basis. From understanding their background, where they came from, what they do for work, their favorite ice cream. Connecting with the community has been the most rewarding aspect and my favorite part of being a coach.

Your Favorite Movement?
Power walking on the Assault Runner

Tell us about your athletic background
Soccer & Lacrosse – Fun fact, one year I was cut from my lacrosse team for being out of shape

Small piece of advice for Newbies and/or Veteran athletes
Newbies- Ask your coaches questions. There is so much to learn in this sport and we have some of the most tenured coaches in the country. The more you know, the faster you will learn and trust me there is a lot to learn. There is always something you can do better or more efficient no matter if you are 1 week in or 10 years. We want to help you get better no matter your goals.

Veterans – Listen to your body. CrossFit is fun and can be addictive. If your body needs a rest day because it’s sore, take a rest day. In most cases you will be helping yourself more by resting and recovering than working out the extra day your body feels beat up.

What is a Fun Fact most people don’t know about you
I was fairly competitive in CrossFit since I started in 2012. I enjoy feeling the nerves you get when the pressure is on. However, I got injured in 2014 and it derailed me from the competition floor. I had shoulder surgery and my arm was in a sling and going through rehab for about a year. I needed an outlet I could be competitive in that didn’t require physical ability. I found out about a card game called “Magic the Gathering”. The next year, I won the 2015 “Magic the Gathering” state championship. I don’t compete as much in Magic anymore because I was able to come back from my shoulder surgery the year after and compete at CrossFit Regionals with the Southie Team in 2016.

What do you enjoy about the CFS Community?
It sounds cliché but couldn’t be truer. What I enjoy the most of the CFS Community is actually the community aspect itself. You will not find another group that is so willing to support and help each other as the CFS community. Life can be a rollercoaster at times. I have shared laughs and tears and developed some of the most meaningful relationships with people inside this gym. Being able to have such a supportive community that actively seeks to help each other is seldom seen and very special in this world.

What is your Favorite Southie Social Event?
CrossFit Southie Holiday Parties. They are electric!