Coach Courtney Ahearn


Coach Courtney Ahearn was born and raised in the Boston area and is happy to say that CrossFit Southie was one of the first CrossFit boxes that she ever stepped foot in. Comically enough, she was introduced to CrossFit by her dad, who was, at the time, a member at CFS. After getting repeatedly beat by her dad in workouts, Courtney decided to give CrossFit a real shot. Three years later, she now works for Reebok and is happy to say that CrossFit has become an integral part of her every day life.

She looks forward to coming back where it all began but this time not as a member, but a coach! She is excited to share her love of CrossFit and CFS with the rest of the coaches and members and to become a part of the community that first taught her was CrossFit was really all about.


CrossFit Level 1
Coach at CrossFit Tradewinds for 1.5 years
CFS Intern Program

Athletic Achievements:

Competitive dancer for 15 years
College Dance Team Member
2nd place Rx team at Girls Gone Rx 2016 Member
3rd place Rx team at Granite City Gauntlet 2017 Member
CrossFitting for 3.5 years


Interested in trying one of Courtney’s classes? Check out the CrossFit schedule here!