Coach Alec Chevalier

Alec Chevalier

2011 CrossFit NorthEast Regional Games 4th Place finishing CrossFit Southie Team Member

Alec has been playing sports and been involved in athletics from a very early age. Like many people however he became out of shape after high school and in college. Alec took up running after college as a way to lose weight and get back in shape. After a few years of running however he yearned for the competitive feeling and camaraderie he felt from organized sports. Luckily a friend introduced Alec to Crossfit in 2008 and from the very first workout he knew he was hooked. The friendly competitive nature of Crossfit and varied interesting workouts were what drew him in initially, and the fun and true Crossfit community is what has made Crossfit such a large part of his life.

Alec enjoys working with both experienced athletes and average people who are new to exercise or Crossfit. Alec is a huge proponent of the paleo diet and feels a combination of smart, clean nutrition and Crossfit workouts can lead everyone to health, athleticism, fitness and wellness. Alec enjoys helping athletes meet their goals and enjoys giving nutritional advice and tips.

Outside of Crossfit Alec enjoys eating and cooking local meat and veggies and keeping up on the nutritional literature.


  • BS Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University, 2004
  • Crossfit Level 1
  • Crossfit Football